Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Child Becomes A Chew Toy

No Dogs Allowed
   Yes, once again, a child was gnawed on by man’s best friend and in this case mom and dad both got to take a trip to jail. For some reason, a toddler was roaming around at 2 o’clock in the morning and between 2 and 3:30 AM was attacked by the family’s 6-year-old pit bull and German Shepherd mix. The 2-year-old is expected to survive, but received serious wounds to the head that will require surgery. And even if his injuries hadn’t been so severe, he wouldn’t have been able to go back home with his parents to get well as it appears the family home is a borderline deathtrap coated in crap.

   When police arrived they found dirty plates all over the house, open cleaning supplies within reach of a child and dog shit sprinkled throughout like turd confetti. So because the home was a dump and unfit for anyone, much less a child, 36-year-old Jared Perkins has been arrested on child endangerment charges while 30-year-old Brandi Gomes was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment. Gomes was later released so she could get treatment for an injured finger that may or may not have occurred when their dog attacked their 2-year-old. Gomes may still face arrest and Perkins remains jailed.
Jared Perkins

   The mutt that did the attacking is remains in an East Bay animal shelter and is being tested for rabies. I guess that means his heads getting lopped off and the brains are going to be scooped out because I’m pretty sure that’s how they test for it. Investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly happened on the night of the attack since the parents gave conflicting accounts about where the attack happened and there was little blood found inside the home. I’m wondering if maybe the Dumbfuck Duo were passed the fuck out while kiddo was wide awake at an ungodly hour and the tot wandered outside, if that’s where the mongrel with a taste for babies was kept.

   Megan Webb, Oakland Animals Services Director, had some pretty wise words of advice:

"One of the common problems we see are dog owners who want an aggressive dog as a guard dog, often leaving the dog outside, isolated and alone in a back yard and poorly socialized; but then they expect that same dog to behave like a family member at other times and be appropriate and safe around young children. This is setting the dog up for failure."

Take heed you procreating pet owners and don’t let this ridiculous outbreak of Kid Munching Canines spread into your own homes.


  1. FYI - related topic on child abuse. A military friend posted a You Tube video on FB about a Malasian (sp?) woman/mom beating her 8 month old baby. It is extremely graphic, and disturbing enough to cause me to vomit! From the little I could find on this story, the baby didn't die, but the mother only got 18 months in jail. That's insane!

    Love reading your blog, as well as the way you call it like it is! I'd appreciate you doing a post on this video, the mother, & all who are shown standing around while she severely beat that helpless baby!

    Jo (the Navy wife)

  2. It is very obvious the dog owners/parents of the child are neglectful. If any dog (pit bull, chihuahua, german shepard, etc.) is abused, neglected, or not trained properly, they WILL attack. It is any mistreated animal, not just pit bulls. Also, no matter what kind of dog you own, it is NEVER ok to leave a child alone with a dog. Period. These things happen all the time unfortunately, and with other types of dogs. But because of Pit bulls bad reputation, those are the only stories we hear about. Do some research on pit bulls and their history before you make an ignorant statement about these dogs. My heart goes out to the poor child who had to go through all that and lives in an unsafe environment-- not only because of the dog that attacked him, but look at what the child had to live in! The parents are the danger to the child. It could have been avoided but the parents are careless.

  3. You are hella dumb and don't know much about this.News groupie whore is no way to score.Well taken care of dog,great parents..bad accident.Don't be such a gullible dork.I'm sure you got the full story,or maybe just a dash huh?-good enough for a place like this I guess.Bet you have tons of traffic here.Stay on your 'shit' hype to make it in life.This world needs more people like you representing overpopulation to the fullest.Good luck geek.

    1. Jealously and improper spelling and grammar will not get you far in life. The more you know......that's a PSA for you. (PSA = Public Service Announcement. I thought you may have trouble interpreting it, so I'm here to help.)

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