Friday, May 18, 2012

Ding Dong, Steven Powell Is A Convicted Pervert

Steven Powell makes some goofy ass faces.

   Feeling a good deal better than I was on Tuesday, I am happy to be the bearer of good news today. Steven Powell, father of the murderous Josh Powell who killed himself and his two young sons and was the prime suspect in his wife, Susan Powell’s disappearance, has been convicted on voyeurism charges. It was back in September of last year, when authorities were searching the home of Steven Powell in relation to Susan Powell’s disappearance that they discovered Steven had a very sick hobby of taping women and children without their knowledge. They found images of young girls and even images of Susan Powell herself that the perverted Powell had recorded. Authorities said, based on images they found, Steven Powell had an obsession with Susan, but if you know about his shitty music or saw any of the interviews where he and Josh muddied the waters, that’s a no-brainer.

   The case against Steven Powell though, did not focus on his keepsakes of Susan, but of the two young girls, ages 8 and 10 at the time Powell made them part of his sick collection, who lived next door. The files Powell had of his nasty pastime showed the two girls in the bathroom as they bathed and used the toilet. The children were identified only by their initials and had to testify, stating they did not know they were being filmed or photographed by Powell, who captured the images from his bedroom window.  His gross activity was described as “lurking in the shadows to leer at children.” What a dirty old man.

   Steven Powell’s delusional and shit-for-brained daughter, Alina Powell, continues to believe her family is the victim throughout Powell’s case and the investigation of her brother, Josh, for Susan’s vanishing. Even after her darling brother slaughtered her nephews like the spiteful coward he always was. Referring to when Susan disappeared, Alina stated, “My family was automatically convicted two and a half years ago.” Well, Josh Powell proved everyone’s suspicions correct when he took a hatchet to his children and burned them and himself alive. If you’re capable of brutally murdering your children, you probably have no qualms about offing your wife and hiding her body. We can probably look forward to her blaming those two young girls for her daddy’s sicko activities, since in Alina’s eyes, everyone but her deranged and disgusting family are to blame for all the ill that befalls them. She’s probably still sore about the insurance agency refusing to just give her a payout for the death of her nephews, undisputed.

   While this doesn’t bring us any closer to knowing what happened to Susan Powell, it does make those who have followed this case since Susan’s disappearance pretty damn pleased. Steven Powell may know what really happened to her, what his insane piece of shit cowardly son did to her, but prosecutors say don’t plan on reducing Powell’s sentence in exchange for that information. The standard sentence he’s currently facing is about 4 years, but the state alleges there are aggravating factors that could result in a longer stay for Pervert Powell. His sentencing is scheduled for June 15th and I truly hope he gets all that they can give him and his extended stay in the big house is not a pleasant one.
The face he's making here looks like he's already got something up his butt.


  1. Sadly he couldn't have been visiting his son when the house blew up. I hope he's real popular in prison.

  2. I hope so, too, Nemesis. I hope they knock his front teeth out, stretch out his ears, and flatten the top of his head as a cup holder, for their pleasure. I hope within the first week, his asshole is a size 11 wide. None of it will be enough, but it'll be a damn good start.

  3. Those poor girls, having to testify regarding something so nasty, and probably right in front of him, while he leered at them.

  4. It's obvious. That josh Powell. Murdered Susan. He didn't cooperate with the investigation also keeping the requested journals of Susan from the police, and even taunting them by posting nasty fabricated excerpts on the internet. He did it and he knows he got away with it but he could never escape the truth of this matter.