Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Lisa's Bad Biologicals Say Police Aren't Doing Enough

Bald and Fat, Jeremy Irwin and Lisa Bradley. Anyone else think this hambeast has a moonface?
      It has been a while since I’ve seen any real news on the case of missing baby, Lisa Irwin, so today I did a little looking around. What news I found was Talking Cow, Deborah Bradley, and her Sans Testicles Baby Daddy, Jeremy Irwin, bitching that they don’t believe the police are doing enough to find their missing daughter. They apparently don’t think investigators are following up leads and their attorney, shitbag Joe Tacopina, says police “missed massive opportunities.” One of these “opportunities” was the alleged sighting by three separate witnesses of a man matching the description of John Tanko, aka Jersey, carrying a baby. Police say they started following up on those leads as soon as they came in and that Jersey has cooperated with them.

     The other tiny tidbit of information that came out with this news is some shit about Jeremy Irwin’s debit card being fraudulently used on a website that now sells stationary, but used to be some kind of site where people could pay to change their names. Police are looking into whether or not the card number was stolen to purchase stationary in the amount of $69. I have no fucking clue what this has to do with missing Baby Lisa. Did someone with a lot of handwritten correspondence to get out wait for Lipsticked Pig, Deborah Bradley, to get plastered and blackout just to steal some dough for stationary and took Baby Lisa as an afterthought? What exactly are they trying to get us to think with this purchase that either one of them could have made themselves on a site that was once for name changing? Like everything else in this shitfucked case, it makes no sense.

     I found it interesting that private investigator, Ron Rugen, who was once close to Bradley and Irwin, is no longer in the loop. According to what I found in the news, Rugen blogs about this case and no longer believes Baby Lisa is alive. He was quoted as saying, “I don't believe she is. Unfortunately, the Missouri River is a big, wide and deep place.” He also said he believes Deborah Bradley knows more than she is telling and that he believes Baby Lisa was accidentally killed in October. That theory has been mentioned before, what with Deborah supposedly drinking herself into stupors and needing her “adult time”. It’s the first thing I thought when I found out about this case. That this dumb broad neglected her kid in favor of being a selfish cunt and something horrible happened to Lisa, which was then covered up. What better way to skate charges for the death of a child than to come up with a kidnapping story and make the kid disappear. We all know how popular that trend has gotten.

     I wish something would happen with this case already and preferably something that doesn’t have shit to do with a bunch of fortune telling carnival psychics blathering about visions. I don’t believe that bullshit and James Randi is the mother fuckin’ man. Let’s get some real tips, some authentic fucking leads, and the horrible parenting duo of Bradley and Irwin talking some truth. If you’re not playing Medium and actually know something, call Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.
Someday, baby, you'll get the justice you deserve. I hope it's soon.

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  1. ok take note this is the lowest form of life on our planet. The bradwins have taken SCUM to a new level these disgusting pos's do not deserve to breathe the same air that God put here for us to survive. these people are making CA look like an angel PATHETIC!!