Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Uncontrollable Toddlers Locked In Shit-Covered Room

     Stewart and Jennifer Shuman, undeserving and unfit parents, have pled guilty to two charges each of second- degree criminal abuse. They were arrested back in September when police officers found their two sons locked in a bedroom, the door secured with a bungee cord so they couldn’t get out. This room they kept their children locked in was "covered from floor to ceiling with feces from both children," according to the arresting officer’s report. Jennifer Shuman told police the children, ages 2 and 3, had been confined to the room for about a week because she and her husband couldn’t control them. According to the report, the children had multiple bruises and the younger of the two had bite marks on his arms.

Stewart Shuman aka Idiot #1
    The Shumans were originally indicted on two charges a piece of first-degree criminal abuse, but by owning up to their huge failure as parents, they avoid going to trial and being convicted of the original charges. Good thing, too, ‘cause they more than likely would have been found guilty. So round of applause, please, for the two dolts that admitted to allowing their two toddlers to live in filth and feces. Can we get standing fucking ovation for the parental duo that copped to their charges to get the lighter sentence? Under their original charges, Mr. and Mrs. Shuman could have gotten a maximum of 20 years each, so I’m sure whatever they're getting now is a pitiful fraction of that time, if any.
Jennifer Shuman aka Idiot #2 (HA!)

    The children were placed in state care after the Shumans were arrested and it appears they haven’t had any contact with their parents. After entering their plea, Stewart Shuman’s attorney asked the judge to allow the couple to visit their children, stating that they had completed “all the classes they need to do” to be allowed visitation. Social Services recommended surpervised visits, but the Shumans required the judge’s approval first. The judge denied the request, opting to wait until sentencing to decide. The couple is scheduled for sentencing on June 14th, so their kids are living squalor-free until then.

    There is seriously no excuse for locking your kids in a room for a week and definitely no justification for letting them literally live in shit. That is beyond disgusting. Let’s hope this pair has learned their lesson and those “classes” taught them a thing or two about cleanliness and the proper way to deal with wild and crazy, hyped up and uncontrollable rug rats.


  1. So THIS is how you control kids. I've been going about it all wrong. Good thing I have this website or I would be lost.

    1. Well, too late for me now, but maybe I can control my future grand kids this way. I too agree that I learn a lot here.

  2. Nice work ladies. I have been out of hat for a while and decided to walk down memory lane....saw your link over on TCR. Seriously, I think it is good work. Best to you both.