Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Victim Becomes Worst Kind of Perpetrator

 It is undeniable that Adam Croote had a horrible childhood. When he was 2-years-old, his father killed his pregnant mother and left Little Toddler Adam alone with her body. Two years later, he was abducted by his maternal grandparents during a custody battle. He was a missing child for 3 years until he and his grandparents were located, living under aliases. Adam became a sort of poster child for missing children and was even invited to the White House as former President Bill Clinton signed a policy for missing children posters to be put in federal buildings. While I feel sadness for the child Adam Croote, I think the grown-up Adam is a complete piece of shit.

Adam’s foray into deviance actually started when he was a teenager, when he was convicted of sexually assaulting an instructor at a group home. Since that conviction, he was required to register as a sex offender, but was arrested five years ago for failing to do so. He ended up registering, but apparently making it known that he was a sexual predator means jack shit and didn’t stop him from claiming another victim. And that brings us to why Adam Croote is a headliner today.

Adam recently pled guilty to attacking a 10-year-old girl he was baby-sitting. Yes, a registered sex offender was baby-sitting and the real kicker is that the girl’s family KNEW HE WAS A SEX OFFENDER! They knew his past, but still asked him to watch their little girl on a school day afternoon. They basically gave this sick son of a bitch the go ahead to harm their child and he did. He raped and choked her, but this resilient girl managed to escape as he tried to strangle the life out of her and is alive today, no thanks to her idiotic and careless family.

Adam has been sentenced to 25 years to life for this disgusting crime and I truly hope he serves it while getting served with a heaping helping of prison justice. He went through a shitty childhood, but that wasn’t an excuse or a go ahead to become the worst kind of criminal. It did not give him the right to victimize another child because of what he had to endure. It reminds me of those old broads who start banging teens and then pawn it off on being molested when they were girls. How they try to justify what they did by claiming to also be a victim. What a fucking insult to real victims. Having been a victim, you would think a person would be less inclined to put an innocent child through what they supposedly went through. It’s disgusting, especially when it works and these victimizing former victims get a tiny slap on the wrist.

I feel for the child that Adam Croote was and all that happened to him, but I have absolutely no sympathy for what he has become. 
Adam at age 7, when he was reunited with his grandmother, Linda Koerner. Heartbreaking.

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