Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pregnant Woman Set On Fire And Shot

   While wandering the internet not too long ago, I came across the craziest story of a pregnant womanwho was kidnapped, set on fire and shot. If all that isn’t nutty enough, she and the unborn baby are expected to survive, thankfully, and the father of her unborn child has been arrested. Well, considering all the shit we read and news we chance upon, maybe this isn’t the craziest story after all. Shannie’s tales of Long Island Duck Rape are probably crazier, but I still found this story pretty batshit.

   So apparently what happened is this nine months pregnant 22-year-old woman went out to a movie with her ex-boyfriend who is also the father of the baby she’s carrying and afterwards, she took him to the home of his new girlfriend to drop him off. When they got there, the ex-boyfriend opened the door of the garage and told her to pull in. She had just pulled in when the ex-boyfriend pulls the garage door shut, basically trapping her inside. She’s then grabbed by the neck and a gun is put to her head. At some point, her hands, feet and mouth are duct taped and she’s thrown into the back seat of the car, only to be driven to another location.

   On this trip to fuck knows where, the assailant, who the victim never catches a glimpse of, tells the pregnant woman that she “knows why this is happening” and once they arrive at the intended destination, the woman is doused in lighter fluid and has a lit match tossed at her. She manages to get out of the car somehow and starts rolling around on the ground to put out the flames, which she does. And that’s when the shooting happens. Two shots rang out, according to the victim, but she was only struck by one, in the back. To save her life and the life of her unborn child, the victim plays dead and the perpetrator takes off running.

   Wounded, but still alive, the victim eventually frees herself from the duct tape and manages to drive to her mother’s house. The victim believes her mother may be in danger as well, stating that at her baby shower on May 7th, a man pointed a gun at her mother. Police say they believe the motive involves paternity, to which I say, “no shit?” Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green stated that the ex-boyfriend isn’t happy that he’s about the pregnancy and has a criminal past that involves armed robbery, drugs and stolen vehicle charges. Commissioner Green also says they believe the ex-boyfriend saw the abduction happen, but say he never called 911.

   For fuck’s sake people, has the Scott Peterson case taught these dumbfucks nothing? You don’t want a baby and or to be attached for like to one woman, keep it in your damn pants and don’t get with a broad you don’t want to commit to. Murdering a woman and your unborn child does not equal single bachelor, free to fuck and worry free. It gets you locked up with nothing but ass rape and forced mouth hugs. Is that really the best alternative to having a kid with a woman you want nothing to do with anymore and paying a little child support? Think about it, consider your options and then get your dick snipped so you can’t have any more unwanted children. Murder is not a form of birth control.


  1. Wtf? If you don't want a kid just terminate your parental rights. There are plenty of deadbeats out there. Just become one.

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.