Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remembering Tyler Dasher And Wishing The Worst For His "Mother"

Shelby Dasher: Homicidal Horker

     I had completely forgotten about the case of Tyler Dasher and a bit of reading through Bad Breeders’ plethora of child abuse horror stories reminded me of it. The mother of this little boy, Shelby Dasher, sickens me. If she weren’t such a big part of this case, actually the whole reason there even is a case, I wouldn’t even post her photo, but it’s important that I do. That jowly and emotionless face is the same one she wore when she was indicted on charges of second-degree murder and child abuse. She wears this blank expression to court, where she’s being charged in the death of her child, and I just want to kick her in it so she shows she’s even capable of emotions. It may be that she’s unemotional because she’s resigned to her fate, but I want some kind of fucking reaction or response out of this double-chinned child murderer. Where’s the remorse, the tears, the fucking shame? Where are all the emotions that go with acknowledging the fact that she’s a monster that beat her 1-year-old child to death because he wouldn’t stop crying?

Tyler Dasher, gone too soon.
     I may have gotten ahead of myself there by letting my anger towards this hog-faced failure throw me into a rant. For those of you not familiar with Tyler Dasher’s story, I will give you a rundown of what happened to this beautiful little boy. Back in November, Shelby Dasher supposedly went to check on her son in the morning and found that he was missing. She called police and reported that Tyler was gone, must have been kidnapped, yada yada yada. Police show up and they take note that this woman does not appear to be acting like a devastated mother, desperate to find her missing child. They immediately began investigating and searching for Tyler and his little body was later found, discarded like a piece of garbage in a cemetery near Shelby Dasher’s home, where she lived with her mother. Shelby later admitted to investigators that she repeatedly struck Tyler because he was crying and wouldn’t go back to sleep. According to the prosecuting attorney, Robert McCulloch, Shelby went home drunk at 2:30 in the morning and when Shelby’s mother left for work at 7:30 am, Tyler was awake and crying. So instead of consoling her baby boy, Shelby Dasher beat him until he stopped crying, until he was dead.

     Tyler Dasher died horribly. Terrified and crying, likely wondering why the monster he knew as Mommy was hurting him when all he wanted was her comfort. That is what breaks my heart about these cases, these children who are murdered and abused by the very people they trust to take care of them. They’re just kids. They don’t understand why these awful things are happening to them. Why the people they look to with love and seek out for comfort are inflicting pain on them. They’re literally abused to death and their final moments are spent confused and afraid. It is so heartbreakingly awful to know that anyone, especially a baby, died like this. That they died at all. I see these stories and the faces of these children, their smiles frozen in photographs taken during happier times, and all I want is for them to still be alive to smile for pictures until their old and gray. It’s not fair. It’s not right. They deserved to live a happy life and grow up to experience the world.

     I can’t put into words just how infuriatingly frustrating it is to know a child was abused and murdered and that the person responsible just sits pretty in a cell or in the free world until they go to trial and get their conviction. If they even are convicted, anyway. Our system is far too lenient on these disgustingly inhuman flesh-sacks that kill their own children. It pisses me off like nothing else, so I cannot help that I want Shelby Dasher to suffer and pay for what she did to her child. She deserves to live the rest of her life in a concrete box, to not experience a single moment of anything that even remotely resembles happiness. That little boy, with his perpetual smile frozen on film, a smile that can’t be looked at without remembering that he won’t smile ever again, was robbed of his life. It’s impossible to look at Tyler Dasher and smile back at him because it hurts knowing he’s gone, because he was failed in the worst way imaginable. All I ask is that you remember him and know his story, that this tragic case reminds you to cherish your children always and protect them. They’re counting on you.


  1. That brakes my hart. I don't know how anyone could hurt/kill their baby. Iv never had one thought about hurting my baby. I couldn't ever hurt him or even think about doing something to hurt my child. This makes me so sad she should of gave him to a loving family if she couldn't take his crying. It makes me sick I want to badly beat this women and torture her ass. She should kill herself. And I never say that.

  2. I remember when this happened, Boo. You and I were hearing the reports of this kid being missing, and were emailing about the info on the case, eventually finding out that his mother was the one who killed him. I hate that this baby had met his fate by hands of the one person who was meant to love him. Why? What was this stupid fucking slab of human shit thinking when she murdered her son? Her boyfriend at the time, if IRC, was even shocked and appalled. RIP Tyler.

    1. Yeah, we were messaging at the time, I think, and talking about Baby Lisa when you brought up this missing baby. Then like hours later we found out the kid's mom did it. I remember before the mother admitted to it, people were writing up how maybe this case had something to do with Baby Lisa and maybe there really was kidnappings going on in Missouri. Proved that theory wrong real if anything maybe this proves parents who try to report their kids missing are really the ones that killed them and hid the body. Something to think about...

  3. Seems like there ought to be a federal law against faking a kidnapping punishible by death, especially in cases where the state has no death penalty.

  4. To all of you who was there and witnessed this crime shut up, read what you want jump to your own opinion but in the end the results will surprise you. It's a shame people beleive all they read.