Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ayla Reynolds Among The Cases Being Used to Make a Name

Caylee Anthony 'cause I can't stand to look at Casey.
Apparently, CNN has been suffering in the ratings and needed a quick boost, so they got themselves a phone interview with Casey Anthony. The interview wasn’t recorded, so Piers Morgan pretty much just reads what she said over the phone. The main purpose of this interview, other than the rating, was for Anthony to address the rumors and a half-assed attempt to clear them up. Anthony insists she’s no the party girl people claim she is, that she’s gone through hell and that she “obviously” didn’t kill her daughter, Caylee. No, it’s not obvious, but okay, if the acquitted baby murderer says so.  Anthony also says she’s ashamed of the person she was, but it appears she’s not so ashamed she won’t attempt to make money off her dead child. That poor Casey and her hard knock life...that she brought onto herself.

Normally, I wouldn’t have shit to do with anything Casey related. I even told Shannie, no Casey ‘cause that murderous cunt shouldn’t be getting any more attention, but I saw this whole thing about the phone interview and had to bring it up because it goes right along with some shit that’s happening in the Ayla Reynolds case. So I bring up the Casey Anthony interview that’s being used as a ratings boost because the same way CNN is using the tragedy of Caylee Anthony’s death and the way Casey herself keeps putting shit out there and using her dead daughter for exposure, a glorified and idiotic hack of a blogger is doing the exact same thing with missing Ayla Reynolds.

Word of the Day
I only refer to this “writer” by Hoffham because she is the kind of unduly narcissistic moron that sees any attention as good attention and thinks anything mentioning her name is publicity. The last thing this purple prose fan-fic writer needs is publicity of any kind, plus she uses missing kids and antagonizing Holly Bobo’s family for that. And now she’s inserted herself into the case of Ayla Reynolds in an attempt to make a name for herself and get some traffic going to all her blogs. Yes, blogs because she isn’t an actual journalist, as she likes to mislead people into believing by telling them to look for her on The Huffington Post. She just fails to tell them it’s as a blogger. It’s probably the same misleading that got her the interview with Trista Reynolds that she’s hyping up as some kind of bombshell that’s gonna bust the case wide open and it will all be because of her. This is where we cue the eyeroll.

Hoffham’s presence in this and every other case does nothing to help the victims and their families that are trying to get justice. She uses them and makes these stories about her, about what she’s done, about who she’s talked to, about what she said. It’s Me, My, I. And don’t dare think Trista would sue if Hoffham hadn’t made the suggestion to do an OJ style civil suit against Dipshit and Co. ‘Cause Trista couldn’t have possibly figured that out without the Hocks suggesting it. If you’ve been following the goings on between the blogs that are focused on Ayla Reynolds, think of Hoffham as another Grace or Lies, only not as crazy, but just as delusional.  I haven’t heard anything on whether she’s consorting with the stars yet, so at least there’s that going in her favor.

Unfortunate some think a child like this shouldn't live.
This blogger is the last person that should be involved with any cases involving children, especially with her attitude toward people who choose to give birth to a child with Down Syndrome rather than abort it. Apparently, D-syndromed kids are made from “broken DNA” and shouldn’t live because their lives aren’t normal and they’re a hardship, blah blah blah. I’m all for choice, fuck knows I’ve said it enough times when we’ve come across stories of worthless wombs that kill their babies. Don’t want the kid, abort it and spare the kid the suffering and pain. But Hoffham’s views on everything that doesn’t mesh or fall in line with her own opinion or lifestyle is belligerently intolerant and she’s crapped her goading comments all over the internet for the world wide web to see. So it’s not news that she’s a clownshoe. 

Outed and proven to be a liar, Hoffham should be kept far the fuck away from any case, but especially from Ayla’s because, going by her comments that she shit all over J4A, she has no qualms about publishing any and every detail Trista may have let slip if it serves her selfish purposes and gets her that always craved attention that she wants. If Jeff and Trista want more exposure for Ayla and her name kept out there by someone who isn’t using Ayla, I think they should reach out to someone who isn’t a shit disturber who talks out of their ass and twists shit around. Do they really want a person involved in Ayla’s case that purposely causes strife, particularly among those following a specific case, and callously tells people their lack of “cognitive development” is the reason their kids have Down’s Syndrome  or any of the many other despicable things she calls anyone who doesn’t agree with her or calls her out?

This is not someone to be trusted or let into a case that many of us have become involved in and have followed, I daresay, religiously. Religions another one of those things this blogger likes to crap on, but we’ll let that slide for now.  I don’t hate Hoffham, I just don’t care for the shit she pulls and it would be a huge disservice to Ayla to let this person in to turn this case into crap like she’s done with others. A quick Google search can lead anyone to all of Hoffham’s sleazy internet behavior and fuck knows I’m not the first to mention it and will definitely not be the last. Oh, and someone who berates and launches attacks on others shouldn't be so quick to call out cyber-bullying, when she herself is guilty of it. Miss Hocks wants to make a career out of the shit she spews, but using Ayla Reynolds or any other case to do it, is bullshit.
Ayla Reynolds deserves JUSTICE, not to be exploited by a faux-journalist wannabe.

And for your own research, if you don't buy what I'm selling, here are some handy dandy links...

Now Down Syndrome Is Broken DNA? 
(This goes on forever and would take a shitload of time to get through, but has lots of interesting stuff on it) Authorities: 20 Year old Holly Bobo Abducted in Decatur County 

Some strangeness the above link led to....

And Madeleine-Exposing the Myths


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  2. Illy iLL is the illest :DJune 14, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    Go me I figured this shit out....!!!!
    Okay so This Hoffham sounds like a real bitch...Did I spell that wrong? Silly lil' me.
    Anyone who takes and exploits, rather then reports a particular case is in the wrong.
    Blogging is one thing.
    We all basically were dong that very thing on TCR, and other comment able sites and forums.
    But that simply makes us "posters", "bloggers" or "commenters".
    It has nothing to do with journalism, or recycling facts, that aren't actually facts, because we picked them all up from different websites and posting them as information, or as someone who really knows what is going on.
    Overshadowing any childs death, or disappearance is wrong...It's no way to want to get to the top.

    If you have to force something, or lie to round up fans, you are doing a huge disservice to the few things that are good about "media".
    And the right to know certain information.
    But mainly you are a huge asshat who is taking the spotlight off of what is really important in stories like Ayla.

    I so hate that someone gave that spineless spiteful lil' Anthony bitch an interview, I had no idea.
    Glad I missed it.
    Who gives a fuck what she says now..It's all as it always was, BULLSHIT!
    Love you Bootiful!!!

    1. Your first official's it feel, illy ills? Just glad the fucking thing worked this time...

  3. I heart sticker you Boo! <3 <3

  4. I wish I could have advised Trista before speaking with that person. I won't go so far as to say it was a disservice to Ayla but eventually CH will turn it around for her our purpose. I hope that CH will take Ayla in to consideration before she blogs her half truths and ignorance to the half dozen or so sycophants that follow her.

  5. On another note, CH is the last person I would want interpreting my conversation. Record it and report it verbatim. Yikes...ok that's all except nice post. ;-)

  6. Wow--that was so offensive to read (CH's views on Downs Syndrome), such a simplistic view of life as a whole.

  7. This was definitely an eye-opener. CH sounds like a twit, but unfortunately, a dangerous twit.

  8. BooKat and J4...don't look now, but CH has a new Ayla post up today. Barf.

    1. Of course she does, how else is she gonna make a name for herself if she's not churning shit out and exploiting....

  9. When I first read the "interview" Trista gave to Chelsea Hoffman, my mind was blown. I still don't understand why she spoke to her of all people out there.

  10. WTH??... CH's views about not suffering a handicapped fetus the chance to live, sounds like something straight out of the Third Reich.
    Maybe this facist beotch should read-up on the failed government eugenics projects that were implemented in this country, and educate herself on just HOW slippery the slope can become, when government is given the power to determine WHO should be "allowed" to breed!

  11. The comments she makes all over the story in the first link that show how foul of a person she is and that she shouldn't be inserting herself in anything to do with children. Apparently, what she said was so atrocious, they had to delete some of it. So I guess if there was a case of a missing child with some kind of "defect" or other undesirable trait or illness, she wouldn't want to have shit to do with that kid's case. Way to advocate, right? She's a truly disgusting person, inside and out. The inside is probably just as sore-riddled as her face.

    1. She reminds me of some other trolls we know. The ones that refuse to admit to the facts even when they are clearly put out there. You know, the ones that keep repeating themselves over and over again in an insane fucked up fashion.

  12. Please feel free to join us on facebook "Chelsea Hoffman Sucks." Over 400 strong and growing.

  13. Chelsea Hoffman Sucks has been renamed: Chelsea Hoffman: Cake to Cake