Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lunch With a Little Extra Love

Ok peoples, Boo asked me to help out with my weak ass writing and lack of imagination since Shannie seems to be MIA, so just bear with me and get over my lack of grammar and spelling. Today I'm going to introduce you to Momma Fucktard of the year hailing to you from Del Valle, Tx. Say hi to Tornia Ann Gutierrez. You may be asking yourselves what makes Gutierrez the Momma Fucktard of the year? Well, she decided to pack a little lunch for her 6 year old baby girl, who attends school at Popham Elementary. What's wrong with that you ask? Damn, your asking a lot of questions. Anyway Momma Fucktard's sandwich wasn't exactly kosher. You see baby girl started acting a little funny after eating her lunch that Mommy so carefully prepared for her offspring. The little girl started acting all kinds of strange telling the school counsellor that she could hear a "banging" in her head and began talking to people that weren't there.

Mother: Tornia Ann Gutierrez has been charged with child endangerment after she sent her six-year-old to school with a sandwich laced with PCP
Here's my vote for Mommy of the Year
So of course the school being concerned about the health and well being of the child called Gutierrez to let her know that she needed to come get her kid. But instead of being all concerned like most normal people would be, Gutierrez asked them not to call Emergency Services or CPS. WTF? Gutierrez eventually broke down and realized that the shit wasn't right with her kid. She ended up calling an ambulance herself. The little girl was eventually transported to Dell Children's Medical Facility where she tested positive for PCP. Yes, P-C-fucking-P. Otherwise known as Angel Dust. That's the shit that will make you think your God...or the Devil...or whatever. Coincidentally, Mommy Dearest over there also tested positive for the shit. Imagine that.

Gutierrez insists that she didn't intentionally put that extra ingredient in there.  Instead, she said that she had a drug dealer come to her house earlier, because when your denying drugging your own kid and trying to portray yourself as a good Mother and all, it helps to tell authorities that it was the fucking drug dealer you had over. According to the little girl, sandwich meat laced with the bad shit "tasted like fireworks" and will make you "crazy dizzy". At least it wasn't bath salts or we could have had a real first grade zombie Apocalypse on our hands in Texas.


  1. Holy shit - how do you mistakenly dose your kid with PCP? Please, please never let this tard have her child back.

    1. Well Ct, the only rational explanation I can think of is that her Drug Dealing friend came by and they possibly measured out the drugs on the surface that she fixed her kid's lunch on and the bitch didn't clean it good enough. But then I'm probably giving her too much of the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Somebody, please yank out her uterus. Preferably via her throat.