Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Instance of Child Abuse Caught on Tape

I was making my rounds on the world wide web today and came across a video that was taken by the neighbor of Anthony Sanchez, who is an official with a California water agency. The video is of Sanchez playing ball with his step-son, which sounds like it would be a great father-son experience except that Sanchez is a bastard who thinks a kid having butterfingers is an offense worthy of physical punishment. Being an epic asshole, Sanchez repeatedly crosses the distance between him and his step son and whips the child with a belt. The boys reaction every time he is hit is incredibly hard to watch. It is terrible. Belts hurt pretty damn bad and you can see this son of a bitch is putting some force in the belt lashings. You've been forewarned, this video is pretty hard to watch and will have you pissed from the the very beginning.

Now the very awesome part of all this is Mr. Sanchez's totally badass neighbor. The guy is recording this horrible abuse against this kid, likely just so there's evidence, and finally he has enough of it. He storms outside, calling out the fantastic words, "That's enough, fuckstick!" This dude is my fucking hero. The neighbor confronts Sanchez and there's a bit of back and forth, but the video ends abruptly and we miss what, if anything, happened between the two. What we do know, though, is that the neighbor turned the video over to sheriff's investigators and Sanchez was arrested for suspicion of felony child abuse. While no actual charges have been filed yet, Anthony Sanchez has resigned as utility district director for the Imperial Irrigation District. 

It seems at some point in the video a person in the background asks where the mom is and the man recording the video says, "Inside the house" which leads one to believe this kid's mom knew about the shit going on in her own backyard and was A-O-Fucking-Kay with it. And if a piece of shit like Mr. Sanchez is willing to put his hands on his step-son over something as petty as dropping a bat, fuck only knows what other minor offenses this taint stain has whipped the kid over. I know back in the day getting belt whooped was the en vogue punishment, but this shit is just not acceptable anymore. Kids are being hurt and killed and discarded by the very people who are supposed to take care of and protect them. A belt spanking may pale in comparison to the stories of abuse we come across, but a child being hurt in any way is still going to piss people the fuck off. At least people who give a shit and want this crap to stop. I'm gonna have to steal and sort of bastardize a Samuel L. Jackson line from a shit awful movie to bring this write-up to a close..."Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking planet!"

Anthony Sanchez, Occupation: Fuckstick


  1. I think they should bring back 'old school' physical punishment for these types of crimes! Let's see if he hits a child again after he gets lashed with a belt by a bigger, stronger man! And if mom joined in or allowed it to happen then she deserves some too. Make the punishment fit the crime!

  2. Wow. I had seen this headline around but never read the story. The video made me absolutely sick to my stomach. I'd like to buy a beer for the neighbor! He couldn't stomach much of it himself. That is just crazy. I hope step-douche has the book thrown at him!! (literally and figuratively)