Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Batshit Mom High on Bath Salts Attacks Toddler, Dies After Tasing

Pamela McCarthy
Yeah, this shit is in the news yet again. I've been talking about how bad this shit is for a few years  now ever since I found some dude literally playing in traffic on a major highway in the middle of the day. When I went to go talk to him he was talking all crazy about how the Mexican Mafia was trying to kill him along with some of our city's finest narcotics agents, all because of this prostitution ring that he knew about. Now I don't know about you, but the hookers in my town, Julia Roberts they ain't. Seriously, I've met crackheads on a four day bender that made more sense than this dude did that was fucked up on bath salts.

Jason Williams, boyfriend of Pamela McCarthy
Anyway back to the story at hand bath salts apparently don't just for make you eat some random dude's face off. They are also good for making you beat the shit out of your 3-year-old kid. Tuesday night, police in Munnsville, New York responded to numerous calls at the apartment complex of 35-year-old Pamela McCarthy. Dispatch advised responding officers that a female was punching, choking and kicking her 3-year-old son. She went after a neighbor and attacked him as well. Witnesses report that she was growling at everyone during her tirade. She even chased around some kids who were outside playing basketball. She was also walking down a flight of stairs at the complex and busted her ass while carrying a small child only to go back up the stairs and begin strangling the family dog.

At some point during the incident McCarthy removed all of her clothing and police stated that McCarthy was naked when they attempted to subdue her. They first attempted to use pepper spray. But McCarthy was so whacked out of her head it had no effect on her. Now if you've never been sprayed with police issue pepper spray let me tell you a little of what the experience is like. Your throat closes up and all you can do is gasp for air. Your nose starts pouring out more snot than a 5-year-old with hay fever. Your eyes swell shut, they stream tears, and feel as if you put habanero pepper juice in them. You can't think because your mind is so focused on trying to breath, which is next to impossible. You can't see because your eyes are about to burst into flames. It's painful to say the least and this had no affect whatsoever on her and she continued to struggle.

While trying to subdue McCarthy, the officer reported that she growled at him and attempted to bite him. So the officer was forced to go up one more on the force continuum and use his police issued taser. After using his taser, he was finally able to subdue McCarthy with the help of medical personnel on scene. Unfortunately for McCarthy, though, all the excitement of running around beating the shit out of people, fighting police and trying to bite them, was too much for her heart to handle when she was tased. She went into cardiac arrest and was transported to Oneida Health Care Facility where she was pronounced dead. Now this isn't the first time that officers have had to respond to McCarthy being high on bath salts. According to police, they've had to respond to NUMEROUS calls on her and found her to be heavily under the influence of the bad shit. As recent as March, she was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest.


  1. What is up with these asshole people?

    I can kinda excuse the first guy saying, "Hey, I wonder, what would happen if I snorted this shit?" But when the guy tells about his weekend or you read about it or see it on the news: ..."Well, I remember doing bath-salts last Saturday, next thing I remember is the following Wednesday, I was answering Law Enforcement questions, while waking in a hospital psych ward, coming in and out of violent psychotic episodes, hallucinations."

    There always seems to be nakedness associated with this shit! Other consistent themes include: screaming, naked, in the middle of the street or on bridges, in sewer drains and closets. Then there is the component of violent paranoid-schizophrenia for several days. The "enemy" conjured up is usually either Satan, or Jesus, and all his followers, the IRS, the Mafia, everyone who works in IT, Jim Henson's Muppets, or Russians or Mexicans seem to be popular lately, or some multiples there of.

    WHY, OH! WHY? would anyone hearing that story, or reading it in the paper, or hearing about it on the news; think to themselves - "that sounds cool! I'd love to run down the street naked, crawl in a storm drain fearing for my life and soul, so my gramma can read about me wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars being a fucking asshole!"

    Maybe this just proves the world is just too over-fuckin'-populated and these lemmings are natures way of cleaning the fuckin' gene pool.

  2. Hi Nem.
    So The Bath Salts strike again?
    And I agree with Girlie up there btw, Who would then try these after hearing it could make you eat someone's face off?
    Not to mention the fact that she has done these on more than one occasion?
    What did she get out of the first few rages?

    I have always proclaimed my love for bud.
    But if it EVER at ANYTIME made me act in any kind of way similar to this, I would discontinue use IMMEDIATELY!
    Who wants to feel like that?
    Damn people tend to piss me off throughout the day, what does this stuff make you seek them out and eat them? Or go all postal on their ass?

    And the fact that she died after all this is just somehow fitting.

  3. Well, at least she's taking a dirt nap, and can't reproduce again and beat the shit out of more kids. Why, if they've charged her with child endangerment before, did they send the poor toddler back to her? She was fucked up, and so is the system.