Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Is Your Father's Day, Justin DiPietro?

In need of a tweeze, Justin DiPietro
Oh, that’s right; Justin isn’t actually a father, my bad. He’s just an uninvolved sperm donor that hides behind a gaggle of skirts like the coward that he is and refuses to speak up for his daughter. Does he remember he has a daughter that went missing back in December? That little girl named Ayla Reynolds that disappeared on his watch? That child he was supposed to be looking after, caring for and protecting? By his actions, or inactions, you’d never guess this spineless sack of Dipshit was a daddy. He’s so “emotionally incapable” of anything he can’t be bothered to be a part of all this joining together of Ayla’s family and friends and complete strangers to keep Ayla’s name out there and continue looking for her. No, he never even started looking since he and his family know more than they will ever say because their own hides are more important than justice for Ayla.

Is anyone else curious as to how Justin DiPietro is celebrating this Father’s Day? Is he off with the laughing cow, Courtney Roberts, being more of a dad to her son than he ever was to his own daughter? Possibly. Is he even thinking about Ayla right now? And if he is, what is he thinking about her? He’s probably not reminiscing on the same cherished moments Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, thinks of when she remembers her daughter. No, Justin’s memories probably aren’t ones he likes to think about or would ever want to share. More than likely because his last memories of Ayla are probably ones that would put his gutless ass in prison. I hope that today, no matter how hard he tries to keep her out of his thoughts, that Justin is haunted by his memories of Ayla. He doesn’t deserve to forget  or move on or get away with what an epic failure he was to his daughter.

Today would be the perfect day for Justin to purge all the dark, dirty deeds that are laying heavy on his conscience, assuming he has one of those. It would be the best day to open his mouth and stop thinking about himself and start doing right by Ayla. If he were any kind of father, he would, but since he only acknowledges that he has a child is when he can get something out of the deal, he won’t. If it means he can’t go about his life and business like this child he didn’t want never existed, he won’t. If it means giving justice to Ayla and losing freedom for Justin, who do you thinks selfishness is going to prevail? Always looking out for numero uno, Justin won’t speak up for Ayla or even for himself, really. He has a bunch of twats to do all the talking for him. ‘Cause, you know, a “stud” like Justin just can’t fend for himself or be expected to do anything but look like Cha-Ka from Land of the Lost and pretend he has no idea what happened to his kid.  

Regardless of the announcement by Stephen McCausland that investigators believe that Ayla is no longer alive, everyone needs to keep looking and keep talking. Ayla may not be alive, but she still needs to be brought home and those responsible for what happened to her need to be held accountable. No matter how little your father and his family thought of you, Ayla, you are so loved by your mommy, your family and the rest of us who think of you always. Someday, baby, we’ll get you the justice you deserve.

Tips can be called in to Maine State Police at 207-624-7076


  1. Awesome post BooKat! Did you find the Dipshits school picture on Classmates? He probably has a bunch on there since he stayed back so many times to get his grade ten. ;)

  2. Justin spend Fathers Day at Funtown,USA water park,A Waterville Couple saw him there with Courtney,And her family,The day he should have been depressed he goes where hundreds of children are playing and having fun,Did he shed a tear going down the water slide? It was confirmed by a member of Courtney's family.Fathers day,17 Jun Russell Lamour jr @HaitianSsation
    Had a great time with my fam,son and my girl at funtown 2day, it was a much needed break that I had to have.