Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Message From Your Friendly Neighborhood BooKat

If anyone's been dropping by this Dead Zone, you've probably noticed our last post was sometime last week and I haven't done jack shit since then on here. I've been out of commission and will be out for a while longer, dealing with that fucking real life I have that butts into my internet one, making me be all responsible and shit. I've also got the gnarliest medical issue going on that I'm considering taking pictures of because it is just so gross it begs to be shared...and you all know how much I like to make you look at nasty shit. Kidding, I didn't even want to look at the shit, so I can't force it on the rest of you, but I do have an awesome new hole in my body. I totally needed one to put my loose change in when I'm not wearing pants with pockets. 
So, anyway, I don't plan on being back to dick around too soon, but I'm gonna try to help Nemesis out with her shit so she can help keep this piece of shit blog chugging along down through the colon of the internet. And maybe...just maybe...Shannie will stop in and help a bitch out. You guys remember Shannie, right? The eyeball whose name's in the title up there? That's a hint, Shan-Wow...get your ass back over to the interwebbins and get back to your Shit Talkin' duties...the world wide web needs you.


  1. Take the picture, we love gross shit.

    1. I'm thinking massively disgusting staph infection.

    2. NAH, it's Boo. Most definitely ass related.

  2. And this last post is why I keep coming back and have you bookmarked! LOL
    Keep up the great work, you crack me the fuck up!

    myra manes