Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just Let Ayla Reynolds Come Home

Give Ayla justice.

I know I’m getting to this late, but Ayla Reynolds’ case still needs attention. If you’ve been following it, you probably tuned in or at least heard about the press conference that was held on the 31st of May. It was at this press conference that Department of Public Safety spokesperson Steve McCausland said, “Based on everything we know, the thousands of hours of investigation, the 1,127 leads that have been received and acted on we think it is highly unlikely that Ayla Reynolds will be found alive.” This is the most devastating news anyone who has come to care for this beautiful child could have received, but on some level, I think a lot of us have been preparing for it. No one wants to see the photographs of Ayla, that adorable smile on that precious little face, and know that she’s no longer alive. It is beyond heartbreaking and I hope Trista Reynolds and all of Ayla’s family members that honestly love her are surrounded by people who love them and are helping them through this incredibly tough time.

Trista doesn't deserve this.
From the reports around the web, we know that Trista received the news and was grateful to get it. We know that she has wanted to know what happened to her daughter for so long now and it has been tearing her up inside not knowing. For that, I am beyond sorry. No one deserves to experience so much pain and not know what happened to their missing child. It’s just so wrong and unfair. It’s impossible not to feel horrible for Trista and her family when they have been trying so hard and for so long now to find out what happened to Ayla and to bring her home. While investigators may believe Ayla is not alive, she still needs to be brought home. She’s just a baby. She deserves to be properly laid to rest and for her family to be able to say their goodbyes.

That brings me to that shit container that should have been aborted, Justin DiPietro, and the rest of his cohorts who should have been swallowed or flushed down the toilet in a condom. Justin had no reaction to the news that Ayla is likely no longer alive and the reason for that is a no brainer for those of us who have followed this case. It’s because the son of a bitch knows exactly what happened to her, along with Courtney “The Cackling Cunt” Roberts and Elisha “Double Chins” DiPietro, who were also in the DipShit House of Horrors the night Ayla supposedly went missing. Investigators believe they’re all withholding information and know more than they’ve told police, but they’re sticking to the bullshit story that Ayla was kidnapped, a theory that was debunked by FBI.
Stop causing so much pain and start telling the truth, you squinty fuck.
Justin rarely gives interviews, but one of the few times he’s spoken out, he mentioned getting immunity for those responsible for Ayla’s disappearance. That leads one to believe he wants it for himself since he’s the number one suspect in the minds of many. Does he want immunity now so he can give police the location of where he dumped Ayla? Or immunity for Courtney? Or Elisha? Or Snaggle Toothed Pheebs? And immunity for what? Is this immunity desperately wanted because once Ayla’s body is found, investigators will know exactly what she suffered and how she died and the DipShit Clan of Heartless Bastards don’t want to go down for it? It’s a likely scenario and I wish they would just stop the lies and start talking.

Get a conscious, DipShits. Grow a heart. Let Ayla come home so she can rest in peace. You can only outrun justice for so long and you will eventually pay for whatever you did to Ayla, be it the long arm of the law dragging you to prison or karmic justice, you will pay for what happened to Ayla.  How do you and your fan club of DipShit groupies live with yourselves? You will be tortured and haunted by Ayla’s memory for the rest of your lives, what happened to her will always come back to haunt you. You can’t escape it. You can’t erase it from your minds. And people won’t let you forget her either. The best thing for you could do for yourselves and Ayla is just come the fuck clean already and tell police where she is. Let Ayla have justice, you coldhearted subhuman wastes of flesh. Stop hurting Trista Reynolds and the people who truly love Ayla and let her come home. You disgusting soulless monsters have no idea how loathed you are by the world and the best thing you could do for yourselves is to let Ayla be brought home and start telling the truth. You assholes don’t even qualify as human anymore, that’s how low you are. If you want to rise in the ranks and not be considered lower than dog shit, I’d suggest you purge every scrap of information you have and confess your sins to police. Seriously, just fucking do it already.


  1. It was so disheartening to hear the press conference. Even though we all knew that Ayla was most likely not alive it still hurt to hear it confirmed. There was always that small chance of hope and although there still is that hope since she has not been found it seems so unlikely. I am glad you did not stop blogging about her. «†»

  2. It is hard to imagine that an entire family could not have a conscience but we have seen it before.... casey, SINdy, george and lee. I can only hope that if the DIPs have no care for baby Ayla somewhere in the elements that they are at least afraid for their own asses and are in constant worry/fear/turmoil (for lack of a harsher words) to the point of near insanity. I hope every ring of the phone, knock on the door, car that cruises by scares the living shit out of them. Fuckers.

    And I cannot wait for the day they are ALL hauled in.

  3. PS... thanks for a great post! I wish I had your way with words!

  4. I can't wait for the day that they are all arrested.. justin will cry like the little baby that he is.. There is something very wrong with that family and their friends.. Ayla needs to be brought home and these sickos know where she is.. No doubt in my mind..

  5. I'm with loulou--I hope those fuckers jump every time. I try harder than I used to not to wish bad things on people, but in this case, may they never find peace. Ever. I follow these "disappearance" cases, and it's more and more disgusting how nobody gets arrested, but Ayla's has gotten to me more than any other. I even dream about her sometimes; she's so beautiful, but always out of reach. When are the Dips going to pay???

  6. Why would a father ask for immunity for his child's killers/kidnappers? Oh wait...nevermind.

  7. Wow, I think your all crazy! And when the truth comes out and the Reynolds sista's are arrested for their involvement in this I hope you all choke to death on the truth. Friggin Trista hasnt kept a consistant story yet, now she was at Justin's house in November visiting Ayla?? She said he kept her from visiting?? And she didnt have transportation?? and that puts her fingerprints in the home and give the layout of the house to her?? Really, well thats what she just told Chelsea Hoffman in an interview. Check it out....Oh and dont forget she just called MSP commissioner a liar by saying she never got a call on the day of the press conference. Why would MSP lie about that??? Just wait, justice will prevail. And isnt it intersting that the whole Reynolds family is never together at once for an interview?? Where is darling jessica hiding out these days? HAHA....Keep blaming Justin.

    1. ummm....Ok Dorthy. Just go ahead and click those pretty little heels of yours together and say "The Dipshits are innocent. The Dipshits are innocent." If you do it enough times maybe, just maybe, your dreams will come true.

  8. I think the father did it and the others too. because why haven't they said anything why haven't they at least try to help look for this little girl why hasn't the father cryed one tear. the mother doesn't deserve this at all she has the right to know what happened to her daughter. so I blame the father and the others that were there that night in the home.