Thursday, June 14, 2012

Children Returned to Home Where Their Sibling Was Eaten by Family Dog

Happy again, like Aiden never even existed
 Back in March, I posted a write-up about Aiden McGrew, the newborn who was torn to pieces by the family dog while his father slept in another room. Aiden had been left in his swing, alone, with the family’s adopted dog, Bo, a mutt they’d only had for a short time. After Aiden’s brutal death, the parents, Quintin and Chantel McGrew, lost custody of their two remaining children, 7-year-old Samantha and 2-year-old Robert. The children were later placed in the custody of Chantel McGrew’s mother and the couple had very little visitation with the children…until now.

Aiden McGrew and the murderous mongrel
Today a judge signed an order turning custody back over to the McGrews, despite the fact that Quintin McGrew is still facing charges since Aiden’s death being ruled a homicide due to parental neglect. Since the mother wasn’t home at the time Aiden was mauled to death, she isn’t facing any charges, but it should be pointed out that the trailer they live in also had chickens living inside it at the time of Aiden’s death and neither of the 2 dogs in the home had their vaccinations. Obviously, people who let shit like shots slide and live with poultry inside their place probably aren’t great at making wise parenting decisions.

The McGrews appear to be thrilled about the judge’s decision, but I’m actually disappointed that they’re getting the children back. They still have parenting classes to complete, as well as drug testing and what not, and I hope to fuck they aren’t allowed to have any animals, but I think they’re giving these kids back a tad soon. Dad hasn’t even gone to trial yet and mom is totally standing behind him, even though dude’s the reason her baby was viciously torn apart by a dog and why she lost her kids in the first place. Chantel McGrew was quoted as saying, “I’m 100 percent behind him. No matter what happens, I’m not going to go anywhere else. That’s my best friend. I’m not going to lose him.”

I guess it’s kind of admirable that a woman is that devoted to her man, but at the same time this man is the reason all of this has happened. She carried Aiden inside her and only got to have him in this outside world 2 months when he was killed by their dog, something that only happened because of Quintin McGrew’s carelessness and laziness. It’s totally inexcusable and unforgivable that dude slept through the baby being eaten by their dog and I just don’t get how someone can stand by her man when he caused the death of her child. Maybe I’m a raging cunt, but I’d be making that son of a bitch feel sorry he was ever born, not comforting his ass. To each their own, I guess, but I hope to fuck these people are not allowed to have animals ever again and their remaining kids are spared the same fate of becoming Fido’s chew toy.


  1. Chickens are nasty ass fuckers. They shit all over the place and eat dirt. Yes they eat dirt. They have to, to help them digest their chow. I fucking hate chickens. My parents had some when I was a kid and they used to peck me.

    I wish the judge would have at least waited until the outcome of the trial that Daddy Dearest up there is having before making any decisions with the children.

  2. Maybe she's just supporting him publicly, and torturing him when they are alone.

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  4. We talked about this a little last night Boo.
    I think that they should have held off on returning the children. Btw, where were the other children at when this was going on and daddy was sleeping...
    And if they had chickens (IN THE HOUSE?) am I understanding that correctly, why did the dog eat them instead of the poor baby?

    I guess the mom is trying to give the dad the benefit of the doubt here, maybe he is truly remorseful about what happened.
    It would however be interesting to know if there were any drugs involved in all of this though. And would could possibly make a man sleep through something like that.

    On top of the fact my man would have blown that dog to peices. It wouldn't have made it after eating up our child!

    1. One kid was with dad, the other was gone with mom to the doctor and the swing was babysitting the newborn. Yeah, they had chickens in their home...maybe they chickens weren't as easily accessible as the baby in the swing. It's just so stupid and was so preventable.

  5. I am sorry I have to believe DRUGS had to be involved in this, and PLEASE how could he Sleep while this was happening downstairs, NO WAY..And Chicken's in the House WTF..