Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Sick of Children "Going Missing"

Aliayah Lunsford

About two weeks back, Lena Lunsford, the mother of missing toddler, Aliayah Lunsford, was finally sentenced for her welfare fraud case. She had plead guilty back in January to the fraud charges, which she earned herself by selling $114.82 of foodstamp benefits, meant to feed her soccer team worth of kids, for $50 cash. Lena is currently out on bond, but she’ll be headed to prison on June 28th to serve an 8-month sentence, followed by a year of probation once she’s released. I don’t see Lena Lunsford’s sentence as a victory really, but her going to prison pleases me even if it doesn’t satisfy the need to see her held responsible for her daughter’s disappearance.  While I am glad to see her ass tossed behind bars, it brings us no closer to finding Aliayah or getting her justice.

Lisa Irwin
It’s been over 8 months now (whoa, a little coincidental with Lena’s sentence) since Aliayah Lunsford went missing. It feels so much longer than that though. All these children who have gone missing, Aliayah since September, Lisa Irwin since October, Sky Metalwala since November, Ayla Reynolds since December…and these are only the ones that were fortunate enough to make headlines across the nation. There are so many others, ones we will never even hear about, never know of, but that still need our attention so that these kids can be found, one way or another. I bring these cases up because, yeah, it’s only been months since they’ve been missing, but it seems like it’s been so much longer and for the loved ones of these kids, the ones who actual care about them, it has to feel like an eternity.

So what the fuck is going on? Why are all these children vanishing or possibly being hurt or killed and their deaths covered up by parents that don’t want to face the consequences of what they did or what they let happen? Because I don’t give a shit whether the parent or guardian did the harming themselves or someone else they knew did, it all comes down to shitty parents not giving a shit about their children. Being so fucking selfish and seeing these kids they brought into the world as a burden and brushing the duty to be a good parent off to have a good time or do what they want to do. That’s all these kids have become to these people, is a responsibility they don’t want, but are stuck with. So they do their own thing and something happens that causes a new case of a missing child to hit the news. Like Deborah Bradley’s “adult time” that may have led to Baby Lisa’s accidental death that was covered up in a panic to avoid charges and called a kidnapping by her dumbfuck parents. Just a highly likely scenario, no one know what really happened except Dumpy Deb and her nutless babymaker, Jeremy Irwin.
Sky Metalwala
How do we stop this or how do we send a message to people that just seem to be getting away with shady shit? All the adults involved in these cases are suspicious as hell, but there’s nothing solid to get them charged. Not when it comes to the actual child. But what about the circumstances around these supposed disappearances? Deborah Bradley says she was shitfaced and blacked out and that’s by her own admission, but could be a lie to further cover for herself.  Shouldn’t that earn her a child endangerment or neglect charge while they work on the real case of missing baby Lisa? Julia Biryukova, the mother of missing toddler Sky Metalwala, lied to police about running out of gas and walked around aimlessly for an hour before returning to her perfectly well running car, claiming Sky had been left sleeping in his carseat and someone must have snatched him. I’m sure there are charges they can lay on this selfish piece of shit, who didn’t even bother to show up for custody hearings regarding her daughter. What about Justin DiPietro or his many ass-covering allies? There has to be some obvious wrongs going on in this mix of liars that can get them charged while the search to find Ayla continues.

Ayla Reynolds
 There has to be something that can be done to put the pressure on these assholes that care so little about their children, but love themselves so much they put their happiness ahead of their child’s well-being. They need to made examples of, so people stop pulling this bullshit and thinking they can get away with it, because these skeezy fucks are getting away with it. Children are being failed left and right, they’re not getting justice and people who know the truth about what really happened are just free to go about their business, freer than they were before because now there’s no pesky brat to take care of. They basically get exactly what they wanted, with a little loathing from the enraged public, but they still get to be the selfish bastards they always were, and it is fucking infuriating. I’ve seen comments made around the web that mock people for being outraged that Casey Anthony got to walk because how Caylee died wasn’t proven, yada yada yada. Blah blah blah, couldn’t prove it, why is everyone so upset, just being general pricks about it. The reason it pisses people off, why it’s devastating and people get wrapped up in this shit, is because the victim is a defenseless child. A child who won’t get justice and suffered unimaginable terror in their last moments. A child failed because a selfish adult that was responsible for taking care of them, was supposed to love them and make them safe, did anything but what they were supposed to.

It is only natural to feel outrage at a child “going missing” or being murdered and feeling there is no justice for this victim that never got to grow up or know happiness in their short lives. If you don’t feel anything or can’t understand why anyone would be angry at a child being failed, than you’re probably the same kind of self-centered as these faux-parents, so it doesn’t make sense to you why anyone would give a shit about a child that isn’t even their own. For the rest of us, we get that you, like those bad parents, are sociopathic chodes, so you can eat a crusty and diseased dick. The last of those who actually give a shit about others want justice for these kids, want the people responsible held accountable and punished. Wouldn’t you want that if it were your own child? Wouldn’t you want other people rooting for justice if it were a child you loved? Something has to happen to keep kids safe and teach shit containers they can’t get away with this crap…but where do we start and how do we make it happen?


  1. I agree! WTF does it take for these kids to get justice? A video of the murder plus a confession? Why do they need a body? Other cases have been successfully prosecuted without one. We know damn well these kids are dead, and who killed them.

  2. It seems like Casey Anthony set a precedent for parents who wanted to get rid of their kids. As long as the body was hidden well enough and the parents always claimed the same story, someone took them.... they would get away with it. It is sickening and it is becoming if not already become an epidemic. Something needs to be done to stop this. I really think people should be forced to take competency tests before allowing to keep their children, something it is ridiculous

  3. I'm pissed there are like barely any pictures of Aliayah Lunsford...and pretty much zero of her smiling...The fact that there aren't any goes to show how little her mother and everyone else in her life valued her. There should be shitloads of pictures of this girl, smiling, happy, having fun...but there's hardly anything. This girl had to have had a very sad and neglected life before she went missing...Of all the kids pictures, Aliayah looks like she was the most miserable before the "disappearing" bullshit...but every single case is equally heartbreaking...

  4. The other one that gets me upset is Isabel Celis. I thought somebody actually abducted that one but then I saw the pics of the 5 or 6 foot high fence. And not a chain link fence, like a thick stucco type barrier. Oh and like 3 dogs.

  5. It pisses me off further that these same losers will then go on to have more kids. It took a lot for me to bring my kids into the works and I'll die first before allowing anyone to hurt them. Isn't that supposed to be a mother or a parents natural reaction? To just protect their kids from harm even if it means you're stuck at home watching tv and drinking water most or all of the nights? I just don't get it.