Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dirty Old Man Arrested 8 Years After Child Victim Births His Baby

Alfred Charles Ivey Jr.

Disgusting news from Elizabethtown, KY and no, it’s not that there’s going to be a sequel to that shitty movie starring meth-toothed Kirsten Dunst. This news is far grosser than her teeth. A former resident of the town, 47-year-old Alfred Charles Ivey Jr., was arrested and charged with 34 counts of rape and 16 counts of rape against a victim under 12. You can probably guess from the charges what this sicko did, but there are a few more details to get out and you can see for yourselves what a nasty man Ivey is.

Kentucky State Police report that a woman was living in Ivey’s home as a juvenile, from 1999 to 2004, and that she told them Ivey raped her repeatedly during that time. In 2004, when the woman was just 13 years old, she gave birth, but did not disclose the identity of the father or tell anyone about the ongoing abuse until recently. A paternity test on the child born in 2004 revealed Ivey to be the father. So now Ivey is sitting cozy in Hardin County Detention Center in lieu of a $500,000 cash bond.

Another detail I find disturbing about all this is that police say the victim is not related to Ivey, but she was living with him as a child. So I imagine that means Ivey was her mother’s boyfriend or something or that her relatives dumped her with the monster. Way to look out for the kid, assholes. And why was no one digging into how a 13-year-old was knocked up and by whom. Well, she could have been 12 at the time she got pregnant, but either damn way, this shit should have been looked into back then. A child giving birth isn’t something that should just be brushed off or is that just how they do things in Kentucky? Kentucky being part of the south, I guess that could explain how they would let shit like this slide.

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