Monday, March 26, 2012

Former California Police Officer Convicted of Murder

Creepy Mother Fucker

I doubt that any of ya'll have heard of 44 year old Shawn Shelton. He's a former Manhattan Beach California Police officer. On Halloween morning back in 2005, authorities were called to an apartment in Natchitoches Louisiana. Now the apartment complex is called Frog Pond Apartments and is across the street from the University and is mainly populated with college students.  There they found the naked from the waist down body of 19 year old Justin James. After being pronounced dead, authorities started looking into the circumstances of how Justin became naked from the waist down, dead and on Shelton's bedroom floor. What they found in the autopsy was that Justin had lethal amounts of morphine, xanax and cocaine. Authorities found that Shelton and Justin met at a party where Shelton told Justin that he was a movie producer and he could give him his big break. I guess that old line works on guys as well as well as naive young girls. Shelton invited Justin to look at his S.U.V. and it is thought that once there Shelton slipped Justin a "micky" and was able to bring him back to his place where some creepy shit went down and Justin unfortunately passed away.

Well during the investigation into the death of Justin, Shelton decided that it would be a good time to split. While taking a tour of the good ole United States he made a detour in Los Vegas where he got into a bit of trouble with a 14 year old boy. But he wasn't able to escape his just due there and was sentenced to 35 years to life.

Now back to his manslaughter investigation in Louisiana. Evidence of his recent conviction in Nevada of Pubescent boy diddling plus various photos of drugged out young men naked from the waist down that Shelton had taken, were introduced into his trial. Shelton was convicted and sentenced to 30 years for the manslaughter to be served concurrently with his 35 year sentence in Nevada.

Louisiana justice sucks a big fat herpe infested cock. He gets convicted of sexual assault of a 14 year old in Nevada and gets 35 years to life. He's found responsible for the death of a 19 year old kid (that was probably sexually assaulted to) and gets 5 years less? Wtf?


  1. The difference in the convictions is disturbing. At least he'll be locked up for quite a long time, and we all know how prisoners feel about crimes against children. I think this guy is in for a taste of his own medicine.

    1. I thought it was super creepy that he choose to live in an apartment complex that housed university kids and go to their parties. Hello predator.

  2. I am the mother of Justin James. What started out as a 2nd degree murder was knocked down to Man Slaughter. My question and thoughts exactly! He killed my child. And Yes, Kids have to sign a yr contract to live at Frog Pond Appartments. Families send their Children there thinking they are safe. Only to wake up to this type of Trash being let in. They tried to hide this death. They didn't want the publicity in that little quiet town. But My Husband and I lost our 19 yr old son. There is no telling how many more victims there is.

  3. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I just watched the program and am sick to my stomach. Being a retired officer I've seen a lot of tragic incidents but this one leaves me speechless. To use a badge to gain the trust of innocent people only to hurt or kill them is disgusting! That's NOT what a badge stands for, it's to serve and protect. He was obviously a sick waste of space prior to getting caught for the horrific crimes he committed and I know he will rot in he'll. I pray for all the victims that came forward and for those who haven't. God bless you all.

  4. Write Attorney G Paul Marx and tell him he is a scumbag for filing an appeal on behalf of Shawn Shelton, at or mail him at PO Box 82389. Lafayette La. 70598
    Thank god the Court acted responsibly to deny Shawn Shelton's criminal appeal.
    Hopefully Shawn Shelton will DIE of AIDS soon. DENY him his medication.