Friday, March 9, 2012

Greed Runs In The Powell Family

Alina Powell, as ugly on the inside as she is on the morbidly obese outside.
And here I was, thinking it was just evil and sexual depravity that was corrupting this sick and twisted bloodline of monsters. Apparently Josh Powell's siblings feel they should profit off the disgusting and brutal murders of their nephews at the hands of their brother, Josh. According to the latest reports, 9 days after Josh killed his two son, Charlie and Braden, and himself, Josh's brother, Michael, and his sister, Alina, filed claims on policies worth $1.5 million. Policies Josh had changed for the last time in December, just 2 months before he would off himself and take his children with him, naming his brother Michael as the primary beneficiary, but a percentage would also be paid out to Alina, their dirty old father, and another brother named John. It's probably not surprising that Jennifer Graves, the "black sheep" of the Powell family, isn't one of the beneficiaries. Since she was born with a deformity called a conscience, she probably wouldn't want any of the money anyway.
The only good news about this whole shitty situation is that the insurance company, New York Life Insurance Co., is taking this case to court, to decide who, if anyone, should receive the benefits. It seems Susan and Josh took out policies way back when, in 2007 before anyone had even the slightest inkling that Josh was a demon in disguise. They had policies on each other, as well as their children, naming Susan as his sole beneficiary on his policy and equal beneficiaries on the children's policies. There have been various changes since, with his brother Michael becoming a joint beneficiary with Susan on his policy and then just this past October more changes, adding the rest of the Brainfucked Powell Brood, minus Jennifer Graves of course. According to some stories, at one point the Chuck and Judy Cox, Susan's parents, were the beneficiaries, but that was probably changed not long after Susan "went missing" in December of 2009.
The family Josh destroyed that his siblings now want to profit off of.
For those not familiar with this Saga of Insanity, Susan Powell "went missing" from her home while her husband was out camping in a blizzard with their two young children. Camping to Josh was taking off around midnight and sleeping in a car with two kids, ages 4 and 2 at the time. The next day, when Susan failed to show up to work, the police were called to check in on the family and were already at the home when Josh arrived back from his "camping trip. We now know that story was total bologna, though it was always suspected to be from the start. With Josh taking an axe to his children and burning them alive in his home, it's pretty much a certainty that he also killed and dumped Susan somewhere. Her body has yet to be recovered and Josh's selfish final act may prevent her family and friends from ever laying her to rest, seeing as how all the answers died with Josh.
Josh and Susan's children had been taken away from Josh and placed in the home of Susan's parents when, last September, Josh's father, Stephen Powell, was busted for being a sick fuck. While conducting a search for clues in the Susan Powell disappearance, investigators found a not so secret stash of grossness and Stephen's pervy hobby of secretly taping women, including Susan, and children was discovered. He's been in jail since, held on voyeurism and child pornography charges. I forgot to add that not long after Susan went missing, Josh had run off with the kids to Washington, uprooting them from their Utah home and all of Susan's friends and family.
Another detail I should include is that Alina and Michael filed their claims on the same day their nephews were laid to rest. If that doesn't tell you what kind of heartless vile monsters this family is made of, I don't know what will. Their biggest concern on the day of their murdered nephews' funeral was making sure they would have the possibility of getting a big ole paycheck. I hope that insurance company fights this and wins because these are the last people that deserve a payout on these children's death and I'm sure there is a special place in hell for Alina and Michael, right next to Josh.


  1. Thats disgusting and disturbing! I dont know if it's legally possible, but the only ones who SHOULD recieve the money is Susan's parents (IF they even want that dirty money), I could see either way why they would want it or not want it. The ins co prob wouldn't even pay it out to them, but idk, in my opinion they are the only ones who SHOULD have any entitlement to it.

  2. Is Jennifer Graves the one that was bffs with Susan?

    1. Yeah, Jennifer Graves is the sister that isn't a part of this and loved Susan. That fat piece of shit up top is Alina.

  3. You and Peters blog rocks but quit putting these disgusting images up! between Alina and D Bradwin I'm going to have to take my laptop to the carwash gag PUKE!

  4. Because I'm snoopy, I was looking up more stuff on this whole shitfucked case and found an article I missed early in the aftermath of Josh killing the boys. His Big Gulp of Blubber sister, Alina, apparently refused to turn over emails he had sent her before he killed the boys and himself. Investigators had to confiscate her phone because this fucking tub of lard cunt refused to stop protecting her murderous brother, even after he butchered and burned his children, her fucking nephews, alive. I hate this fucking family. They are pure fucking evil.

  5. cmon Shannie and Boo, Im ready for some new SHIT!!

  6. ANY kind will do. Hot, deep, funny, dumb, smart, chicken, bull, ape, crazy, new, old revisited... ;)

  7. You didn't mention that after the fucktard butchered and roasted those babies (still alive for fucks sake), the dickwad police dept up there came forward and admitted that they had found cartoon incest porn between cartoon fathers and children on this THIS sick freaks computer. Social services said that if they had known about that shit they wouldn't have even let him have the supervised visitation that he had. Police said that there wasn't anything that they could do because apparently cartoon child/incest porn isn't illegal because there are no "real" victims. SMH!!!