Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vengeance For Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin
   I posted a write-up about this case the other day and I think it was clear that I believe the man that shot and killed Trayvon Martin should be charged for this kid's death. The more information that comes out about events of the night George Zimmerman chose to stalk and confront a young man in a Sanford, Florida neighborhood instead of waiting for police, the more I can understand the growing outrage and hatred for this man. Too many contradictions and too many people covering for one another or outright lying. It's enough to piss anyone off when you feel that a murderer has been allowed to walk and get away with what they've done. I understand the anger and need for what's gone wrong to be made right, but I do not care for the way Trayvon's supporters are going about it.
   Sue-happy director, Spike Lee, came across a tweet that supposedly contained the home address for George Zimmerman and decided to retweet it for all his thousands of followers to see. (I'm as surprised as anyone that Spike Lee actually has "thousands.") What Lee failed to realize is that the address he was giving out to the infuriated public belonged to an elderly couple, whose grown son happens to have a similar name, William George Zimmerman, and had used his parent's address to register a vehicle. This couple is absolutely no relation to the self-defense claiming Zimmerman and have been caught up in this disaster of a racial mess, receiving hate mail and having to move into a hotel for fear of what a vengeance seeking Anti-Zimmerman Zealot might do. Even if it really were George Zimmerman's actual address, what right is it of anyone to give it out and put others in this man's life at risk? An innocent bystander getting hurt or killed because of a mob mentality is not the way to get justice for Trayvon Martin.
George Zimmerman
   Protests getting out of hand and bounty's on George Zimmerman's head are being offered. This has gone beyond ridiculous and is getting more and more dangerous for everyone, not just Zimmerman. It is no longer about getting justice for Trayvon. It's become an all out racial fiasco and an irrational mission for revenge. It's hate mongering by Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's, causing a greater divide and drawing clear lines in the sand that this case must be just about race. Race may be a part of it, but it isn't all of it and this kind of hate-filled protesting is no way to bring light to this case.
   As much as the Jackson's and Sharpton's want to play the race card when "one of their own" is the victim, how often do they speak out when a person of another race is the victim? If you haven't noticed, when someone who is not black is the victim of someone who is, there is never this kind of outcry or insane protesting, or even rational protesting. It is usually swept under the carpet or just a blip on the news radar when someone who is not black is the victim of a black criminal. Why? Because no one wants to look like a racist, whether they mean to come across as one or not. Because no matter what is said, someone will always pull that race card and make it all about the color of someone's skin or from where they hail. It may or may not be the case in a situation, but it will be the detail that takes the spotlight over anything else.
   Where were the protests when an 11-year-old Mexican girl was gang-raped by a group of young black men? In that clusterfuck of case from Texas, people gathered and race was brought up, but in defense of the men, not the 11-year-old girl. That child was ripped to shreds by people saying she was a promiscuous girl looking to get cocked by these grown ass men that couldn't possibly say no. Her family was blamed for not keeping their eye on her, but these men were portrayed as victims of this child, that she forced their hands, and penises. Even questioning whether or not this girl and her family were legally in this country, as if the fact she was a foreigner made it okay that they raped a child. It is disgusting that people can get so caught up in the race aspect of a criminal case and not see what the real crime is.
State Attorney, Norm Wolfinger
   There are obvious fuckups in this case, from the law enforcement that took George Zimmerman at his word to the state attorney that made the decision not to pursue charges when one of the homicide detectives stated in an affidavit that he did not believe Zimmerman's version of events. A warrant was actually sought to arrest Zimmerman, but that desire to start the wheels of justice turning was trumped by Norm Wolfinger, the state attorney who decided there was no evidence, and by Police chief, Bill Lee. Yes, "honky's" decided not to charge Zimmerman, but don't forget that there was at least one "honky", Detective Chris Serino, that did want him charged.
Chief Bill Lee, left, Detective Chris Serino, right and not looking pleased.
   Don't call for Revenge for Trayvon in the guise of justice. Demand justice because what Zimmerman did was wrong and he sought this situation out, instigated and caused this tragic outcome with his own actions. That he took this kid's life and has yet to be charged. Be as outraged and sickened by the inaction of law enforcement involved and the support of Zimmerman by some, but don't make this nothing more than another race case. If this case involved a perpetrator and a victim of the same race or any other pairing of races, I would be just as disgusted with the outcome of a killer walking, but I think it's safe to say that had that been the case, it wouldn't have made for as huge a headline or caused this kind of outcry. I find that truly pathetic. If we're going to rally for justice, why not be colorblind when it comes to demanding it?

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  1. Zimmerman should be punished, but this is getting crazy, and I am afraid a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt. Mob mentality is never useful, they are turning a sad situation into more publicity for hate mongering racists like jackson and sharpton. I hate these guys, and I would never want to live in the world they would like to create. Great article, hits it right on the head. Too bad not jackson or sharptons heads, tho.