Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remains Found...Could They Be Hailey Dunns?

Creepy Douche
Rough 33, am I right?
Hailey Dunn, was 13 years old when she went missing on December 27th 2010...anyone who is familiar with this case knows that the story about Hailey going to sleep over a friends down the block and never showing up is full of shit, and the last one to see Hailey was her Pill Head Mom Billie Jean Dunn's BF, 25year old Shawn Atkins. Pilly Jean is 33...Yeah, I know...uhWhaaaa???

Awesome Missing Poster
Anyway, this case got more sick as the days went on...there were embarrassing interviews on Nancy Grace, with Dunn high and rambling, using her daughter in past tense, failed polys from both her and Atkins who was eventually found with child porn on his computer and devices.  She was arrested for lying about Atkins whereabouts at one point last year, he was hiding in her home when the PoPo came looking for him.  And now they moved away from the town that her "missing" little girl knew as home, because people were mean to her and asked her questions. Aww poor baby...*eyeroll....  Well guess what? Remains were found not too far from the home of Shawn Atkins's mothers house and the Sheriffs that were on the Hailey Dunn case are right there investigating....Looks like Pilly Jean and old Bestiality Boy Shawn are gonna have to put their game faces on tonight.  I hope we get some info from these remains, and Hailey can be rested in peace.  The trash bag she called mom is so hopelessly stupid, I'm sure we will hear some lame ass yammering about how poorly she was treated...maybe they will have a party like they did for New Years Eve, 3 days after Hailey went missing?   Pilly and Shawn, you worthless druggie scum, you better get your stories straight or one of you better have a better story than the other, cause it looks like those lovely bones are gonna ask some hard questions....


  1. I hate for Hailey to be dead, but I hope the remains that have been found will finally get her some justice. And if they're not her remains, who the fuck's are they? Could Sick Fuck Shawn have been pedo-ing and offing other little girl's before and dumping them not far from mom's house? I hope Pilly and her Pedo boyfriend get fucking nailed for this shit. Bastards.

    1. All i know is I love you boo hope you can forgive me I've thought about you all day.
      Da Nooch

    2. The silent treatment really got to you huh?

    3. We found love in a hopeless place...lol

  2. If it is Hailey I hope she soon has closure.those two scumbags will be going down hard oh yes shawn its time for the backdoor pussy you pos. And pillbilly you should of been there for Hailey you sad disgusting pathetic skankbag excuse for a mother. I hope you both rot in hell, but for now have fun its freecell time!!!


  3. I still cannot believe she didn't kick Shawn's ass to the curb. By itself, the child porn they found should have been enough to kick his disgusting ass to the curb, but that on top of Hailey disappearing and she still didn't. What an absolute piece of shit she is, they both are wastes of skin. Honestly, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if she knew what happened to Hailey.

    I hate for any missing child to be found dead, but if Hailey is gone, and I believe she is, I hope this is her..Justice needs to be dealt.