Friday, March 30, 2012

This Little Cult In Maine

Alternatively known as Where Assholes Go To Make Shit Up and Lie More.
   Isn't it odd how cults like to use God and religion to form their followings? This Little Light of Maine is no exception. Much like Children of God, now known as The Family International, TLLOM invokes God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to spread their fanatical craziness and devotion for Justin DiPietro and his family. Spouting as many Bible verses as they can rip off from the inside of The Watchtower, this site is supposed to spread awareness of Ayla Reynold's disappearance and help bring her home. What it's actually for though, is to spew as much venomous hatred for Ayla's mother, Trista Reynold's, and to gossip and trash any media outlet or blog that doesn't portray Justin Dip and Co in a positive light. And now, it's to rip off a concerned public and beg for cash donations for a just created "missing children's fund" and a fundraiser run for Ayla. But what exactly are the "funds" being raised for?
   Well, if you've heard the recent word, Courtney Roberts, Justin's laughing cow, may be planning a dream wedding and making herself a Dip by marriage. So this cash collecting Run for Ayla could be working as more of a wedding registry than as a legitimate charity to fund the search for Ayla. This Little Light of Maine makes it VERY clear with lots of underlining that there will be NO REFUNDS, though the date is set in May and there really isn't any information on this event. What it really looks like is a front to rake in as much money using Ayla's name as they can, then cancel the event at the last minute, and make off with what they've managed to squeeze from people who genuinely care for Ayla. Remember, no refunds and they won't explain what this money is being used for, so one has to assume it's for the cyanide they need for their Kool-Aid, a la Jonestown.
   There are many theories on where this money may be going. To pay the internet bills for all those involved in shit disturbing across the web in the name of making Justin DiPietro look less like a piece of fabricating shit. That's not too many people, since most of those posting up their I Heart Justin comments are the same people using a shitload of aliases and anonymous net handles to make it look like the Dip Following is far larger than it really is. Just ask Just Stop The Lies' JDip spunk guzzling blogger. She's a pro at the anonymous troll, that's how she keeps her blog afloat. We all know that the Dips need to keep up on that internet bill payment because otherwise how would they get updates in search for Ayla? Oh, that's right, if the net's shut off they can get it from that reliable standby, what other people not involved in the case tell them, aka the rumor mill.
   Another possible use for this money earned on Ayla's name, to fund Justin's legal defense. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have my charitable donations go towards getting a potential baby murder off. He has all these women who do his talking for him to mooch off of, why not dip into their purses and pay for his attorney though the twat lips that speak for him? Even better, why not dig into the wallets of Justin's coddling cohorts and donate their own money towards a real cause that actually is working to find Ayla. At some point, all these people are going to have to stop making money off of this kid. Life insurance policies and charity scams are no way to make a living and you would think they would have learned that when they botched Ayla's "kidnapping". It's going to cost them all more than what they thought it was worth to get rid of Ayla and a fantastic start would be them paying with their freedom.
   When the donation plate makes the rounds, don't give your money away to a group of profiteering murderers and liars. Don't let your money be used to go toward gastric bypass for the unfuckable Michelin Man-bodied Elisha. Or for Phoebe's gender reassignment to become the real man her bull-dyked beef curtained vagina doesn't allow her to be. Or for a new addition on Heidi Turdela's already palatial House of Horrors. And Holy Fuck Nuts, please don't throw away your money on a white dress for Courtney to walk the aisle. She's got a day job, she can buy her way into hell on her own dime.
   Steer clear of This Little Cult Of Maine and don't be a sucker. Find an alternative way to donate and give your hard earned dough to a real organization that is helping to bring Ayla, and other missing children like her, home. Don't be brain-washed by the The Following of Justin Christ or duped by the Holy Rolling music TLLOM assaults you with upon visiting their page. If you want to help and give of yourself for Ayla, head over to Answers For Ayla or visit Justice For Ayla and they will hook you up with a legitimate alternative to being robbed by This Little Cult of Maine.
Just say NO to cults and the ass-covering crones with gangrenous souls that run them.


  1. Another great post Boo! So true about the cults using God to suck people in. It's clearly obvious that is what the cult leader of TLCOM has been doing all along. It is sickening for these people to USE God in such a way. Use religion and The Bible. Pretend to be SO religious, then turn around and act the exact opposite way of what they preach. - Don't point fingers (at Justin), don't speak badly (of Justin), don't make assumptions (of Justin) and so on, yet go ahead and do all those things to Ayla's Mother. Oh Angie, what would Jesus say? He is not too happy with you, I'm sure of it. You will have to answer to Him. Not that you even care because it is obviously all a front.

  2. Justin Christ, too funny. On another note, these people are going to continue to scam the suckers and keep their names in the public in the hope for fame and fortune, all on the back of an innocent missing probably dead child. It is shameful and disgusting, but these people don't know shame or dignity, or compassion, apparently. Soulless monsters.

  3. You really did hit this group hard., the people on that site are all thieves and some of them may find themselves in jail along with the DiPietros. This blog rocks! Looking forward to more and more commentary and your points of view on this case, don't stop you're doing great!. Bless Baby Ayla, that precious little girl didn't stand a chance around those disgusting people. May Justin and his cohorts burn for this.

  4. I agree 85-90%. Wait... back up to 100%.

  5. Sticks and Stones
    May break my Bones
    But Justin's
    One Dumb Cunt

  6. FYI: Ayla Bell No Refund Run 1 Day after Kennebec County Grand Jury Run.
    Go Figure.

  7. There's something very, very, very wrong with Heidi and Angela over there, and Kylie is so fucking demented (in a very bad way) that I wouldn't let any children or even animals around that bitch.

  8. Great post as usual! What more can I say?

  9. Shannie & Boo : Keeping them lame-ass twats on their toes. LOL